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Peace, Love and Cakes Coffee Blend

Origin: Brazil, El Salvador, India

This blend started the journey of Coffee years ago and has contributed to the success of our coffee shop. The suppliers started with the Brazil which is a great base. They then added their El Salvador coffee which added beautiful sweetness and acidity. To calm the acidity down and to add even more body they used a little monsoon Malabar from India. The result is a coffee with lots of body, a little sweetness and not too much acidity.

The Coffee Blend is a medium-dark roast dropped just before the oils come out. Because of the blend design and the way it is roasted it works great with larger amounts of milk.
This coffee really shines as a cappuccino and a latte. Also really beautiful as a ristretto.

This is by far our most popular espresso blend and of course is roasted by our suppliers fresh to order!

Barista training

All our staff at Peace, Love and Cake have completed a coffee course to ensure the coffee we sell is at its best. The coffee course has trained staff about the following:

  • ensured freshness and packaging
  • all about espresso & pulling shots
  • setting up a coffee grinder
  • setting up an espresso coffee machine
  • americano
  • milk steaming to perfection
  • consistent milk temperature
  • no bubbles, smooth glossy foam
  • consistent amounts of foam
  • cappuccino, flat white, caffe latte
  • espresso
  • caffe mocha
  • hot chocolate
  • latte art - heart or tulip shape
  • cleaning and maintenance

Peace, Love and Cake Coffee


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